"My Dying Bride - Long Stay In The Darkness. A Tribute To" VA
The Raven And The Rose Released:  Band: My Dying Bride
Album: Long Stay In The Darkness. A Tribute To
Year: 2017
Country: Russia
Format: 2CD, digi-pack
Genre: Doom / Death / Gothic Metal
Label: Soundage Prod.
"The Source Of Black Water" LP
2.Ejected From The Depths
3.Wonderful Night Ahead...
4.Inner Sense
5.Red Marble
7.At the Bottom
8.Water Shine
9.Little Songbird
10.Alone In The Dark
Recorded 2010 at the Kamysh studio.
Recording & mixing by Sergey Kamyshansky
Mastered by Evgeny Vinogradov
Produced by NeverDie & Sergey Kamyshansky
Cover art by Mstibog
Photo band: Elvira Khairullina
Label: Darknagar Records
Released: July 30, 2011
"Angel Scream #6" VA
Alone In The Dark Released: 2010
"RockOracle #5 2010" VA
Sunstroke Released: 2010
"Russian Metal Assault vol.1" VA
Doom Released: 2010
"Forgotten World" LP
1.Fantasy of mourner
2.Without sorrow
4.The last divination
6.Memorial (instrumental)
7.Sacred memory
8.Beauty and force
9.East sweet
10.Delirium of mad
Recorded 2008 at the Kamysh studio.
Recording, mixing & 
 mastered by Sergey Kamyshansky
Produced by NeverDie & Sergey Kamyshansky
Cover art by Katya Sunnikova
Photo band: Denis Vakhitov
Label: self-released
Released: 2008
"The Last Divination" EP
1.The battle
2.The last divination
4.East sweet
5.Beauty and force
Recorded 2007
Recording Damir Mukhamadeev
Mixing & 
 mastered by Anton Talnov
Produced by NeverDie
Cover art by Regina Gilaeva
Photo band: Azamat Khaibullin

Label: self-released
Released: 2007
"Never Die" EP
1.Beauty and force
2.The frozen belief in power
3.History of grief (instrumental)